Windows update not working? How to fix it

“Windows update is not working” is one of the most annoying problems that Windows users often encounter with.  A system like Windows will require many updates from time to time, but when you opt to install the update, it might get stuck at 5% or 15%.  So, if this issue also bothers you, keep reading on this post. We are going to show you solutions to get rid of it and bring things back to normal again.

Stop the update service

The solutions that we are going to show you has worked for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 versions and keep in mind that the update could be stuck at any process of the installation.

Step 1:

The first thing you should do is to “Windows+R” keys at the same time. Once you so, there will be a dialogue box prompting you to type the name of the program, folder, or document, etc. In this case, type in “services.msc”.


Step 2:

Click on “OK” and you will be redirected to the list of all the installed services on your PC. These services are arranged in an alphabetical sort. Here, scroll down until you see “Windows Update Service”.  Right-click on it and choose “Stop”.

Step 3:

After you have stopped the Windows Update service, open C:\ drive, head to the “Windows” folder and search for “SoftwareDistribution”. From there, you need to delete all the content of the folder. This folder contains all downloaded update files. If the update gets stuck, there is a chance these files are having an issue with the update.

Step 4:

Once you deleted the old update files, return to services again. You can follow the instruction of the step mentioned above. Next, right-click on the “Windows Update Service” and choose “Start”. And now, the windows update is supposed to work normally.  In the future when Windows is going to update, it might need many files to install, so you should not worry since this is normal!

 Force restart of your computer

It might occur with your Windows computer when it is stuck at 100% of the update. In this case, restarting your computer can help. Simply follow the steps listed below to fix that.

Step 1:

Press the Power button on your computer and then hold it until your computer completely shuts down.

Step 2:

Make sure your PC is not connected to any power supply. If you are using a laptop, take off the battery if possible. If not, use your laptop until the battery is exhausted. After that, keep holding the power button for about 10 to 16 seconds.

Step 3:

Wait about 5 minutes and then reconnect your computer to the Power supply and reinsert the battery of your laptop. Then, press the button to start your computer and wait for your computer system reboot.

Step 4:

If your PC did not run properly and you noticed that it shut down in an incorrect way, just choose that option, prompting you to boot your computer normally. And you will see it works properly!

Otherwise, if none of the methods above helped you, you can try to manually install the necessary updates from the Microsoft Update Catalog. If you have any question, let’s know in the comment below.




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