Samsung announces Gear S2 smartwatch

Samsung has just unveiled the Gear S2,  company’s first smartwatch with a round display. As the company announced the Gear S2 will come in three different flavours: Classic, standard, and 3G. The Classic version will come

LG to launch ‘LG Watch Urbane Luxe’ with a $1200 price tag

LG teams up with Reeds Jewelers to impress the super-rich with a shinier version of its LG Watch Urbane. The luxurious timepiece will carry the name ‘LG Watch Urbane Luxe’ and will have a 23

Android Wear now works with your iPhone

Google has just announced that its Android Wear devices are now compatible with the iPhone 5 or later running at least iOS 8.2. The company is, currently, rolling out an official Android Wear companion app

Another Lenovo executive spotted with the second-gen Moto 360

Following Lenovo’s senior vice president Chen Xudong, another Lenovo executive has been spotted wearing the second generation Moto 360. Vice-President-Smartphone Business Lead of Asia Pacific at Lenovo, Dillon Ye, was wearing the long

Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic pass through the FCC

On September 3, the long rumored Samsung Gear S2, will be announced at IFA in Berlin. New rumors surfaced, suggesting that the device will come in two different flavours, the Gear

Huawei to launch a $800 gold-plated smartwatch

A new rumor suggest that the Chinese tech giant Huawei will launch its new smartwatch in four different flavours. The ‘entry-level version will be made out of stainless steel starts at

Apple is joining Pentagon to develop high-tech wearables

The Pentagon has just announced a partnership with 162 companies and universities. Some of the 162 partners are Apple, Boeing, and Harvard Univeristy. The partnership aims to develop and produce

Samsung Gear S2 makes its Instagram debut

Dennis Miloseski, VP for Samsung design, posted a picture of the upcoming Gear S2 smartwatch on its Instagram account, stating that he is just testing the device. I have to admit

Second gen Moto 360 shows up in pics

Online shops have already started listing the second generation Moto 360 – to be more specific, both sizes of the upcoming Moto 360. The Swedish website shows that the bigger of the

Samsung Gear S2 to arrive with a nano SIM card

The Samsung Gear S2 is expected to be released on the 3rd of September in Berlin, which is just over a week from today. New rumors are arriving every single