iOS 9 keyboard hints at larger iPad

As we firstly stated in a previous article, Apple is rumored to be planning a brand new and bigger iPad Pro with 12.9 inches.  Now, iOS expert Steve Troughton-Smith believes he’s found the proof

A UK start-up, Netduma, launch a unique router that will shake up the home network industry

Every home has a router, but other than connecting to Wi-Fi, have you ever actually been onto your router’s interface? For most people, the answer is ‘rarely’, if not ‘never’.

Microsofts new holographic headset responds to the users stress levels

Microsoft, which was first announced its Holographic Reality Headset (HoloLens) in January, is thought to be exploring ways to make the headset react to users stress levels. The details of

My Top Recommended Email Marketing Software

Simply put, your mailing list is the single most important part of your business. Even bigger than ALL of your social media profiles COMBINED. Seriously! Social media platforms are businesses with

ASUS ROG announces the ROG GR6 console-inspired PC

ASUS Republic of Gamers has announced a new PC called the ROG GR6. The new gaming-centric PC has the same 2.5 litre chassis as last year’s ROG GR8 but has