Manage your iOS devices with Apple Configurator 2

If you are using an ever-growing library of Apple devices, managing all of them is getting the chore in your household. However, today we’d like to introduce a solution for you. Despite being targeted toward schools and businesses, Apple Configurator 2, a free toll for macOS tool can help you manage all of the iOS devices in your family from a central location.

You no longer need to go to each device and start an OS update, you can do everything at the same time with ease, which will save you a lot of time. This free tool is an extra bonus.

If you want to maintain, configure, secure and deploy a multiple of iOS devices, then Apple Configurator 2 is the tool for you.

How to install Apple Configurator 2

While Apple Configurator 2 will manage your iOS devices, it’s a macOS application. You’ll need to download and install it first before managing your devices. You can get the application from iTunes App Store.

Update multiple iOS devices with Apple Configurator 2

To update your iOS device, your iOS device has to be connected to the Mac running Apple Configurator2 with the lightning cable. You can use also prepare a USB hub for multiple connections or if you have multiple daisy-chained displays, simply use USB ports existing on the back of each display. Once connected, your device will then display in Apple Configurator 2.

  1. Connect your device to USB cable
  2. Wait for enumeration. Once your device is enumerated, your device will show up as a replica in Apple Configurator 2 of what exists on the physical device.
  3. Click on n image of the device that you want to update. If there is an update available, you will see a little red indicator presenting to the right of your iOS device.
  4. Click on Update option
  5. You will now be prompted if you want to update to the latest iOS version. If there are several revisions of updates downloaded, you can select the iOS version for the update. Next, click on Update.
  6. Unlock your iOS device.
  7. Enter your passcode and you device will be up to date.

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Back up iOS devices with Apple Configurator 2

If you want to back your iOS device, connect your device to the Mac running Apple Configurator2. You can also use a USB hub if you have multiple devices or use the USB ports if you have multiple daisy-chained displays. When connected, your device will display in Apple Configurator 2.

  1. Connect your phone to the computer and wait for it to enumerate
  2. Once enumerated, your phone will display as a replica in Apple Configurator 2 of what currently exists on the physical device.
  3. Click on the image of your device thatyou want to back up.
  4. Click on Back Up.
  5. Wait for the process to complete. The process will then save a local back up file for your device. If there is an error saying that the device is locked for the backup, you simply slide to unlock and then enter your passcode to complete the installation.
  6. Unlock your iOS device and enter your passcode.

Your device is now backed up.

You can also get a more detailed look if you want.

  1. Click on an image of the device thatyou want more information for.
  2. Choose Quick viewfor an overview synopsis.
  3. Click on Get Infoto get more detailed information.





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