How To Get A Refund From Google Play Store

Although Google doesn’t offer refunds for most apps on its Play Store when you want it the process is not difficult. In fact, Google gives customers a refund process built into Play Store, which just needs a few seconds. In this post, we are going to show you how to get a refund from apps on Google Play Store.

How to Get a Google Play Store Refund

You are not able to watch a movie and then ask for a refund, you can get the refund for most apps and games if you act fast. The simplest way to do it is requesting it right on the Google Play Store. You’ll see a big “refund” button for two hours where you downloaded and installed the app.

  • Open Google Play Store app
  • Look for the app/game you want to get a refund
  • Tap on REFUND button
  • If you don’t see this button, you’re beyond the 2-hour window

You should note that if this is not the first time you downloaded the app, you will no longer ask for a refund. Moreover, the 2-hour window isn’t just your option. There will be 48 hours for you in most situations.

If two hours left and you still want to deserve a refund, fill out this form within 48 hours. It will take 2-3 days before you receive a response. You can do it inside the store, or using that form.

Contact Developers To Get Refund

Even when you miss 48-hour option, some developers might consider a refund if you really deserve it. Contacting an app’s developer is another good option, but we are not sure that. Some will give you money back, but some won’t reply. It depends on each situation.

  • Launch Google Play Store
  • Find the app/game you want a refund
  • Tap on Read More to expand the details page
  • Scroll down to Developer Email option
  • Email the developer and explain the reason, and request a refund

You should note that some app developers don’t respond right away. Although most of them are good, you might not receive refunds.

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Google Play Refund for Movies, TV, & Books

If you are using Google Play Music, Movies & TV, or Books and want to get a refund, there is also an option for you. You just request a refund in case you cannot watch the movie, or read the book. Check if there is a “Refund” button on these. If not, then follow below steps.

  • The refund period will take 7-days
  • Make sure regions you are living in to request a refund.
  • If you hit play, but playback doesn’t work, you can still ask for a refund.
  • Visit from any browser, then choose Order History and tap on the three-dot button. Choose “report a problem” and fill out the form.

Contact Customer Support

If there is not any reply from the app’s developer, or they dispute your claim, you can ask Google’s support team. You can contact customer support for inquiries. Although it isn’t a guarantee, it seems to be a good last resort. Moreover, if a developer doesn’t have contact information, you can use this way to reach Google.




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