Google Assistant may arrive on iPhone some day

Last year, Google made waves by announcing its new virtual assistant called Google Assistant. Basically, Google Assistant seems to be like any other virtual helper on the surface, but it

Google announces Youtube TV, a new streaming TV service

Youtube is now the world’s biggest video-sharing service in the world. Basically, Google- owned service allows users to upload, view, share, report, and rate a video. Youtube has changed so

Here is how you can enable and use Android Instant Apps

Last year, Google made waves by announcing its exciting feature for its mobile operating system dubbed Instant Apps. The idea behind Android Instant Apps is to close the gap between

Here is how to filter explicit web search results with Google SafeSearch

Google offers unlimited search results and many of them fall under the category of pornography and adult content.  These search results are undoubtedly extremely harmful for children. Whether you are

Steps to remove Google services from your Google Account

Google Account gives you access to multiple Google-owned services including Youtube, Google Plus and Google Drive. This comes in handy, as it eliminates the need to enter your credentials multiple

The YouTube Music and Google Play Music Teams combined by Google

Google now has two music streaming apps, Youtube Music and Google Play Music with nearly identical features. It can be a little bit confusing to decide which music streaming service

Google rumored to release two LG-manufactured Android Wear devices

There has been an intense competition among smartwatch makers in recent years. Apple still dominates the market thanks to its impressive sales of Apple Watch, while Android Wear-based smartwatches ranks

Google redesigns Google Voice

It’s been years since Google Voice has received an update from Google. For those unfamiliar, Google Voice was launched eight years ago after Google acquired the service GrandCentral. Basically, Google

Google Maps update lets you book an Uber ride right from the app

Google Maps is undoubtedly the most used mapping service in the world. Google’s mapping service offers all smarts nearly any other mapping services out there can ranging from satellite imagery

Google sends out Android Nougat January security update for its Pixel and Nexus devices

Android Nougat has been here for a while and with it comes tons of major improvements and refinements over Android Marshmallow. Google has always been putting out excellent updates for