Check out steps to completely remove 3D Builder app from Windows 10

Windows is undoubtedly the most popular desktop operating system. With Windows 10, Microsoft has taken Windows to a whole new level with improved performance and exciting apps. One of the best things when it comes to Windows 10 is that it keeps updating and replacing old apps with new ones, thereby fixing bugs and issues in an attempt to offer faster performance.


Like Apple’s iOS platform, Windows 10 comes with a lot of built-in apps that you are not actively using. One of these default apps is the 3D builder, which was specifically designed to edit, create and print 3D models. Luckily, you can remove it from Windows 10.

In this tutorial, we will run you through the steps to completely remove 3D Builder app from Windows 10. Note that the below-mentioned guide aims to uninstall and remove the option from the context menu. This prevents the app from coming back in the future.

Steps to completely remove 3D Builder app from Windows 10

Step one: First and foremost, launch the Settings on your computer and click System to proceed

Step two: Next up, all you have to do now is to click on Apps & Features

Step three: Scroll down to 3D Builder app and click on it. After that click Uninstall to remove the app.

Step four: Once you are done, let the process begin

Steps to remove the 3D Builder context menu option

Once you have uninstalled the app, this does not mean that the app is not coming back. To remove the app completely, you need to remove the 3D Print with 3D Builder option from the context menu. This requires a change in Registry in your system.

Note that: Editing the Registry may result in irreversible damage to your device, so make sure that you do it correctly. We recommend you create a backup of your device before moving ahead if in case something goes wrong.

Step one: You are now supposed to activate the Run command by using the Windows key + R. After that, all you have to do is to type Regedit and click OK to open Registry on your device

Step two: Next up, you need to enter the following path: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\SystemFileAssociations\.bmp\Shell

Step three: Click on the Shell folder and right-click the T3D Print and select Delete to proceed

Step four: Click Yes to proceed.

Step five: Next up, you need to browse the following path: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\SystemFileAssociations\.jpg\Shell and repeat the step three and four

Step six: Once you are done, browse the following path HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\SystemFileAssociations\.png\Shell and repeat the step three and four. Once you are done, exit the Registry

Once you are done, you will no longer see “3D Print with 3D Builder” option in the context menu when you perform a right-click on bmp, .jpg, or .png image files.

These are steps to completely remove 3D Builder app from Windows 10. If you are not using the app, it is best to remove it. Make sure that you follow our guide to avoid further damage to your system.

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