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How To Fix Windows 10 Version Freezing

Windows 10 version is estimated very highly when coming to stability and performance. Although there is a huge amount of features, there are still problems remaining. One of them is

How to Get a Refund for iTunes & App Store

If you have a problem with apps you purchased and you have a valid reason to get money back, Apple offers iTunes and App Store refunds. Although it’s instant, you

How to Set Default Web Browser in Windows

How do you feel when you click on a link, but an unwanted browser loads it? It’s not an enjoyable experience, right. So, to avoid this experience, you should set

How To Use Gesture Navigation in Android P

The Android P Developer Preview 2 had been introduced at Google I/O and it’s now available for downloading and installing on a plenty of devices. If you are using one

How To Set Alexa As A Default Assistant On Android

If you are owing Amazon Echos around the house and use Alexa as your digital Assistant, then you can now set Alexa as the default assistant on your Android device.

5 Apps You Should Miss This Week

There are hundreds of new apps hitting Play Store weekly. Here are 5 great apps that you should try this week on your Android device. You will be more productive

How to Import/ Export Health Data in iOS 10 on iPhone/ iPad

The stock Health app of Apple is great app that helps you keep track of your fitness. From accurately counting the steps to showing the real data like blood pressure,

Use simple methods to activate iPhone without SIM card

iPhone is a great smartphone with the high security, stabilization and smart  features integrated in the device. However, the activation of an iPhone requires a valid SIM card and you

How to transfer data from Windows to Mac OS

Known as a high stability, today OS X is chosen by more and more users. However, there is a difficulty to transfer the data to the new platform, therefore in

How to fix Emojis prediction not working in  iOS 10

At the WWDC 2016 this year, Apple has introduced iOS 10 version with a lot of big changes. One of the new features is the Emojis in the Message app.